Over the course of my research I’ve discovered dozens of good articles that cover different aspects of coaching. I encourage you to do your own research as you search for an Executive Coach. I’m happy to give you this head start.

I’ve divided the bibliography into three main sections:

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I haven’t included any newspaper articles because there are just too many to read and catalog. I haven’t included any books either. Most of them are about being a coach, not about the profession of coaching or the effectiveness of coaching.

For a selection of hundreds of different books, I suggest going to either of these web sites and searching for "Executive Coach":

If you’ve encountered an article that you think I’d like to see, please click here and send me the information.

For more information

I've created a one-page leaflet that summarizes the information presented here on the web site. Please click here to download this Adobe Acrobat PDF file (44Kb). You can also contact me to request a printed copy via US Post.